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a small toot on our trumpet..
"Compared to the lamb we purchase locally
(I buy it only from the R**** F*** in Windsor)
yours was much more tender and lean, and had a
background sweetness that made it
extremely delicious".     A.M. April 2014

if you

don't trust labels....

food labels are still a scandalous trap for the unwary

and even when you buy from the biggest names

you can't always be as sure as you should be.

If beef or lamb is "cheap" there just has to be a catch

you could find it impossible to know

where, or in what conditions, it was raised..

why should you trust us....?

well, it is quite simple: all the meat we sell

is ENTIRELY produced on Orkney

and ALL the beef and lamb is covered

by a UNIQUE label,

this one.....

this EU certification confirms why what you see

on this site actually tastes different......
"Orkney Beef (& lamb) is derived from cattle

(& sheep) born, reared and slaughtered in Orkney.

The distinctly different texture and flavour

of Orkney beef & lamb is largely due to the

topography, geology and climate of the

Orkney Islands which imparts specific characteristics

to the grass and herbage providing the main diet.

The Geographical area is limited to the group of

islands in the North Atlantic off the North Coast of

Scotland known as the Orkney Islands."

not all the beef and lamb raised, or sold, on Orkney

is entitled to be described as "Orkney Beef"

or "Orkney lamb" as not all carries the Certification. .

but ours carries it.........





when you need to trust...






Orkney Beef


Organic Orkney Aberdeen Angus beef

fully traceable

succulent Orkney lamb




coming soon, Organic Highland Beef




Orkney's Best fillet steak at St David's Charity Ball,

The Dorchester Hotel


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