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Orkney's Best is owned by Jacky Anderson

and run by her and husband Stewart

Since 2005 we have supplied 

Protected Designation of Origin

Orkney Beef and Orkney Lamb,

North Ronaldsay Mutton

& Orkney Pork,


Private Clients and Trade Customers

around Britain.


there is no on-line shop,

we work as your Personal Shopper

by email, and our task is to supply you with

anything you ask for.


we do NOT supply

"beef from Orkney" or "lamb from Orkney":

if it came from us, it had never been out of Orkney

until it arrived at your address.

It is 100% Orkney Beef and Orkney Lamb



If you would like to know more ,

please email:







Beef and Lamb from Orkney

who can you trust....?

even when you buy from the biggest names in the business,

not all is always what it seems , still less what it used to be.

Labelling has improved, but there are many traps for the unwary

and  not everything is always what it seems.

the integrity of those  who produce and supply what we sell

is fundamental to what we do. All our beef and lamb is

supplied only by Williamsons Butchers,


and is born, raised and prepared,

entirely on Orkney

under the strict conditions of the

Orkney Beef or Orkney Lamb

Certificates of Designated Origin,

which state:

" Orkney Beef and OrkneBeef and lamb produced and prepared for the

marketc exclusively in the  Orkney Isles is recognised as being

distinctly different in terms of

flavour and palatability

from beef and lamb produced in other parts of the United Kingdom.

 This, in large measure, is due to the topography,

geology and climate of the islands."

we din't make it up, it's not sales pitch from us, ....

it is all at

Art. 7(1) of Regulation (EU) No 1151/2012)

4.1 Name: “Orkney Beef” and “Orkney Lamb

there is NO BETTER Guarantee,

trust Orkney's Best....


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